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Read what our RealtyFlex Trademark Licensing Program can do for you as an Independent Broker, a small real estate office Broker/Owner, or an Agent planning his real estate future! 

1. Increased Consumer Awareness of your company, making it easier to compete in the marketplace; 

2. Strong corporate image with the right name for our changing times; 

3. Inexpensive initial costs; 

4. The RealtyFlex Logo is an Add-On to you only working under your own business name; 

5. Alternative to buying an expensive Franchise, plus most Franchises expect you to grow larger; 

6. Alternative to working for another Principle Broker; 

7. Allows you to maintain your independence and ownership, yet be part of something bigger than yourself; 

8. RealtyFlex Corporate, LLC does not dictate how each Licensee runs their business; 

9. The Power-of-Numbers attracts new customers to your business; 

10. Compete better with the FSBO, Flat Fee, & Franchise Companies; 

11. Non-Exclusive Territories awarded, which means you choose the area you want to work in or you can work from your home; 

12. Logos, Designed Signs, Business Cards, and Letterhead are all available so you don’t have to incur large costs to develop your own image.

The RealtyFlex Image 

1. RealtyFlex is not a Franchise, though it is usually difficult for the public to distinguish between a franchise and a license situation. We know that FSBO companies, Flat Fee Companies, Discount Brokerage Companies, Full Service Traditional Real Estate Companies, and masses of agents are all very viable and strong competitors for all Brokers and Agents. The connotation of the RealtyFlex name helps compete with all the other available options out there today. 

2. The RealtyFlex name reflects complete flexibility and tells the consumer that your company can be everything to everybody depending on each and every seller situation. The name can also be used to target Buyers. Buyer rebates, paid by agents, are also a trend happening across America, and depending on the way you choose to run your business; the RealtyFlex name can be a very effective name and tool. You may use it anyway that works best for your business and within your marketplace. 

3. David Augustyniak, the owner of RealtyFlex Corporate, LLC, has been an active full time real estate broker for nearly 30 years and understands this ever-changing industry that we have all chosen to be in. David built RealtyFlex Of NE Indiana, LLC to over 75 agents in less than three years and has seen repeatedly how the RealtyFlex name drives customers to our agents. Our agents are constantly taking deals from the long-term established franchises and the more experienced agents because they use the flexibility they are allowed. 

4. As a RealtyFlex Licensee, you will not only be part of a larger network of agents, but you will show the strength of numbers to your customers, clients, and competing agents. Becoming a RealtyFlex Licensee, gives you the clout of competing franchises without having to pay excessive up front and ongoing franchise fees. Being a RealtyFlex Licensee means that you, and only you, run your business your way, not ours. 

Are you a candidate to purchase a RealtyFlex Trademark License? If you fall into one of these categories, you may be: 

1. If you are an associate-broker working for another Broker and are simply not making enough money due to the commission split, knowing your worth more. 

2. Maybe you just feel it is time to start your own business. 

3. If you already own your own company, but you feel over-shadowed by the masses of franchise agents, making it difficult to get listings and find buyers. 

4. If you plan on starting your own business but you feel you can’t succeed without being part of a franchise, but you can’t afford to buy one. 

5. If money is tight and you know if you don’t make a change, you can’t survive in the business. 

6. If you understand the power of numbers and of a larger system and the impact it has on the consumer. 

7. If you are a sales agent attending Broker’s school with the intent of starting your own company. 

Signs and Logo 

1. The Logo is for you to use on your own marketing material, but it may not be altered and the Sign Usage must comply with the License Agreement to insure uniformity and to protect the value of the Trademark. This maintains the image of our Logo and Brand. The Signs have been professionally designed using memorable impact colors. 

2. In NE Indiana, our company is known as the company with the “yellow signs all over town". For your convenience, we have aligned ourselves with vendors to insure consistency in the marketplace. Designed business cards and letterhead are also in-place and available for your use. You might view RealtyFlex as a “Packaged Real Estate Office” or "Turn-Key Real Estate Office" at a very affordable price. 

Gain a More Competitive Edge 

1. Quit losing listings to the Real Estate Franchises. Carrying the RealtyFlex Name and the connotation it brings to the marketplace, allows the Independent Broker a new mindset. The more Independent Brokers participating in any marketplace, the stronger the Brand becomes in any area. Most Brokers understand that many astute agents become their own business owner in the future. So if you lose an agent, encourage them to become a RealtyFlex Licensee and strengthen the Brand even more. 

2. High inflation on properties that are now reversing and over aggressive refinancing by homeowners have caused all time highs in “Short Sales” to happen. It is very normal today for a seller to bring money to the closing table. If a short-seller needs to sell, this forces the seller to negotiate with his or her lender a payment plan to pay back the amount of unpaid principal after closing. If the bank agrees to allow a short sale to happen, the bank usually does not allow the real estate company to make a full commission, forcing agents to reduce their fees. 

3. Today, many sellers need a company that can work with their over-mortgaged difficult situation. There are countless scenarios that forces agents to be flexible in today’s very competitive market. Use the name to your advantage and take the listings away from your competitors. Listings drive buyers to you. The name RealtyFlex implies company and agent flexibility and that is exactly what it means to the consumer and to our agents. If you choose to start your own business and buy the licensing rights to our Trademark, you will be allowed to use the name, but run your business as you wish. 

Trademark Licensing Versus Franchising 

What are the primary differences between buying a franchise versus buying a Trademark License for a Brand Name? 

1. In general, the primary difference between a license and franchise situation is the amount of control that the franchisor or licensor exercises over its franchisees and licensees, respectably. A franchise has to be registered, because the control in making money is like a security so that it has to be registered; i.e. whether or not one makes money on a security is based on the work of a third party (i.e. the company that issues the security) and not the purchaser of the security. In the same manner, a franchisee is much like the purchaser of a security, because the franchisor represents that the franchise plan is the way to profits and the franchisee only has to carry out the franchise plan, and it will be profitable (Here, the franchisee is relying on a third party for profits, but this time it is the franchisor and his plan.). Thus, the government requires disclosure of the risks to the potential franchisees just like the government requires a disclosure of the risks in buying a new stock issue. There are government requirements of registration of both for the same reason; to protect the public and give the public full disclosure of all risks before purchasing. Most importantly, a licensor cannot tell the licensee how to accomplish his goal of making profits after he becomes a licensee, and the reason for this is that the licensee is an independent contractor who can do anything he wants to make the profits. He does not have to follow the rules of a franchisor or a licensor; he can make up his own rules. Thus, the profit onus is on the licensee and NOT the licensor. 

2. The licensor can require the licensee to do certain things that (1) protect the trademark of the licensor where a trademark licensing agreement is involved, and (2) provide reporting to the licensor that would be commonly available in any business contract where one needs information to audit revenues. The long and short of it, if the licensee is truly an independent contractor and can do his work in his licensed business in the manner, time, hours, and use of equipment etc. that he chooses, then he will be a licensee. 

3. Purchasing the use of a Trademarked Brand Name allows the Licensee more freedom from the Licensor. The licensee must comply with the trademark license agreement and must maintain the integrity of the Brand, but does so without the day-to-day Franchisor looking over the Franchisee’s head. The Licensor has the right to protect the value of the trademark including demand for “Brand continuity” and if the Licensee chooses to violate these provisions or alter the logo in any manner, the Licensee can lose his right to the use of the Trademark. 

RealtyFlex Trademark Licensing Qualifications 

RealtyFlex Corporate, LLC reserves the rights to approve or reject all interested Licensee candidates, but the general overall requirements are as follows: 

1. Licensee must be a licensed real estate Broker. 

2. Licensee must agree to and sign the terms of the RealtyFlex 

3. License Agreement and comply with its terms. 

4. Licensee must be a Member of the Board Of Realtors and Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

5. Licensee must agree to and submit monthly closed Office Sale Reports To RealtyFlex Corporate. 

6. Licensee must submit a monthly list of all agents to Corporate from the previous months. 

7. Must agree to authorize your closing agent to pay RealtyFlex Corporate the amount as agreed in the Licensing Agreement at closing on every closing. 

8. The Licensee must purchase a License for every branch office set up under any different entity. 

How Much Does a RealtyFlex License Cost? 

1. For each entity purchasing a Trademark License, we only charge $1,000.00. 

2. The license agreement is for a 20-year period provided Licensee pays an annual renewal fee of $100.00. 

3. In addition, the Licensee pays RealtyFlex Corporate, LLC $150.00 on every office closing. “Double Dip” deals only count as one closing. 

This program is a very affordable solution for the one-person office working from their home or a person wanting to build a larger multi-agent office. This is a small price to pay to help prevent being undermined by the larger Franchise Systems. To talk directly with RealtyFlex, feel free to call: 

RealtyFlex Corporate, LLC 
Trademark Licensor 
6315-C Mutual Drive 
Fort Wayne, IN 46825 

David Augustyniak
260-471-3539 x101 Office 
260-438-8800 Cell 
david@realtyflex.us E-mail 

David Augustyniak
Realty Flex

6315-C Mutual Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Office: 260-471-3539x101
Mobile: 260-438-8800
Fax: 260-471-4711
Email: classic_migration_tdAR158721@ihouseweb.com

We hire and train new agents and prepare them to become strong independent agents in this exciting real estate industry that we have all chosen to work in.


Thanks for all your help in making our "dream home" a reality. We really appreciated that you went the extra mile to get us the best price for our home. You are truly a professional. John and Rhonda Robinson
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