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Why Join RealtyFlex?

Read why 75 Agents Have Joined RealtyFlex 

RealtyFlex is the office of the future. We don’t follow the leader, we take the lead! We have designed many innovative programs to give our agents a competitive advantage over all of the competition. We understand the industry, we see its future trends, and we see the old traditional office approach as “Dinosauristic”. (Yes we made up that word!) We simply have embraced this ever-changing industry with a smile. 
We are a Full Service-Full Fee Company, we are a Flat Fee Company, and we are a Flexible Discount Fee Company. We listen to the needs of the seller and we adjust to their needs. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for the seller and the agent on every deal. 

As a new or newer agent, can you stand up tall against a more seasoned veteran agent in this business? Our agents do it everyday and here is why. First of all, we pay our agents the most money on every closing. This extra money paid to our agents becomes their “marketing tool” and they use it against the 50/50 paid agents. If we pay you 95% of your earned commission and you are competing against an agent who is paid 50%, you have 45% advantage over the other agent. That means you can charge the seller up to 1.5% less than your competitor and still make more money from your Broker. The other agent simply can’t afford to discount their fee because of their poor split. This is a very effective tool our agents use as needed. It works the same way as a Buyer’s Agent. Our agents assist their Buyers, as needed, to make and close more deals. When this happens, and as described above, our agents still net more than the other agent. 

We are actively recruiting, hiring and training new agents. Most companies want you to remain dependent on them, but RealtyFlex encourages their agents to learn to be independent. 

RealtyFlex Is On The Grow! 

RealtyFlex has developed a unique expansion tool that is not being used by any other real estate company in the country. We have developed the RealtyFlex Trademark Licensing Program. We hired an expert California Trademark Lawyer to prepare our License Agreement. We allow approved Independent Brokers and Small Office Owners to buy an affordable RealtyFlex License and become a Licensee. We license to them the use of our Registered Trademark, our signs, business cards, and letterheads in exchange for a minimal fee. In less than three weeks of marketing our new concept, we have proven our program to work. 
Look for new RealtyFlex offices to open in Fort Wayne, Huntington, North Webster, Kendallville, & South Bend. Our vision is bold, yet well defined. We want RealtyFlex offices in all 92 Indiana counties and then we will take our program nationwide. We are attracting like-type entrepreneurial minded Brokers who left the comforts of their Broker to start their own company but now see strong value in enhancing and advancing their own image by purchasing a RealtyFlex License. They not only maintain their own identity, but they run their business without Corporate interference from us, since we don’t tell them how to run their business. 

What Does RealtyFlex Offer 

RealtyFlex is NE Indiana’s fastest growing company; 
RealtyFlex has 75 Brokers and Agents; 
RealtyFlex Residential Division; 
RealtyFlex Commercial Division; 
RealtyFlex Trademark Licensing Division; 
RealtyFlex is an Authorized HUD-REPO Office 
Strong Brand Name recognition by the consumer; 
Better access to other markets with offices opening in Huntington, North Webster, Kendallville, Fort Wayne, and South Bend; 
Agent’s name and phone numbers are on your yard signs so you don’t lose calls to other agents; 
No Franchise or Buyer/Seller Transaction Fees for Agents to pay; 
Every new agent is assigned their own personal trainer and training fees stop after four closings; 
Member of the Fort Wayne Board of Realtors; 
Member of the Fort Wayne Better Business Bureau; 
Member of Multiple Listing Services, (MLS); 
Member of LOOPNET.COM commercial MLS; 
Bi-Lingual Speaking Agents Available; 
RealtyFlex Agent Voice Mail System; 
Flexible and Competitive Commissions; 
Work from the comforts of your home-office; 
Quality conference and meeting rooms; 
Agent Work Stations Available when needed; 
Agents with outside interests welcome; 
Experienced management Team Available; 
Innovative Buyer and Seller Incentive Programs; 
E & O Insurance; 
Honesty, Ethics, and Values Matter at RealtyFlex; 
Friendly office environment to go to; 
International Relocation Services; 
Annual Coliseum Home Show For Agents to work; 
WOWO/Rick Wolf Home-Show Weekly Advertising; 
Sponsor of Metro Football Team; 
Sponsor of Washington Township Little League; 
Softball Team Sponsor; 
Corporate Sponsor for Make-A-Wish of Indiana. 
Multi-cultural Office with very a diverse group of experienced and Professional Agents. 
Strong advertisers in Real Estate & Homes Magazine. 

RealtyFlex Testimonial 

“I previously worked for Coldwell Banker for 13 years and the most I was ever paid was 70% of my earned commissions. Today, they pay even less. My first deal @ RealtyFlex paid me just shy of 97% of the Gross Commission paid. RealtyFlex gives back to the agent the bulk of the money made on every deal. The bottom line is, I can make more money at RealtyFlex than anywhere else in the business. RealtyFlex was the new and fresh idea I was looking for. Even though I am not in need of a lot of company help, Dave Augustyniak makes himself available when we need him”. …Ed Christie 

How We Pay Our Agents 

Gross Commission: $22,500.00 
2% Advertising Fee: 450.00 
E&O Insurance: 40.00 
Office Transaction Fee: 250.00 
Total Expenses: $ 740.00 
Ed’s Net Check: $21,760.00 

How Most Franchises Pay 
Using The Above Case 

Gross Commission: $22,500.00 
50% For the Office: $11,250.00 
50% For the Agent: $11,250.00 

Less the following: 

6% Franchise Royalty Fee $ 675.00 
2% Advertising Fee: 450.00 
Buyer Transaction Fee: 195.00 
Total: $ 1,320.00 

Net Check To Fran. Agent: $ 9,930.00 
Franchise Agent Loss: ($11,830.00) 

Please note, expenses very from Franchise To Franchise and may be different than above. The expenses do not include additional expenses generally paid by all agents. 

Normal Expenses To Be 
A Realtor Anywhere

Automobile and high gas expenses, Realtor and MLS Dues, Business Cards, Signs and Riders, Advertising, Errors & Omission Insurance, C.E. Classes, License renewal fees, client entertainment and lunches, purchase gifts for clients, cell phone bills, internet fees, computer expenses, long distance phone bills, copy and prints costs, mailing fees, letterhead and postcards, general advertising materials, and business attire, plus much more. 

Pick The RealtyFlex Plan 
That Works Best For You 

RealtyFlex Gold Plan 

Agent pays $35 per month for dues, owed and paid quarterly; 
Agent pays $250.00 Office Transaction Fee on every closing; 
Agent pays $40 per closing for E&O Insurance; 
Agent pays 2% of their gross commission for institutional advertising; 
Double-Dip deals count as 2 closings. 
Agents may change Plans every six months. 

RealtyFlex Platinum Plan 

Agent pays $75 per month for dues, owed and paid quarterly; 
Agent pays $250.00 Office Transaction Fee on the first closing of the month and $25.00 for each additional closings in the same month; 
Agent pays $40 per closing for E&O Insurance; 
Agent pays 2% of their gross commission for institutional advertising. 
Double-Dip deals count as 2 closings. 
Agents may change Plans every six months. 

RealtyFlex Trademark Licensing Plan 
You must be a Broker to become a RealtyFlex Licensee and it takes one year to obtain your Broker’s License. Most agents are not ready to start their own business that soon but there are always exceptions to the rule. One of our new RealtyFlex Licensees outside of Fort Wayne is a 22-years old agent working in a Franchise. Pretty young, wouldn’t you say? By the way, he did 10-million in sales last year alone. He is very excited to start his own RealtyFlex Office as a Licensee. He will be attending one of our future meetings to tell us how and why he became so successful so soon. 
Licensee pays $1,000 at the signing of the Trademark License Agreement; 
Licensee pays $100.00 per year for annual renewal fee; 
Licensee pays RealtyFlex $150.00 Per office closing; 
Licensee must agree to the terms of the License Agreement. 

Can I Make Money In Real Estate Sales? 
As the saying goes, 20% of the Realtors do 80% of the business and 80% of the Realtors share the remaining 20%. This is probably more true than not. That is why 25% of the agents leave the industry every year and are replaced by a new group of enthusiastic people fresh out of real estate school. Statistically, the Franchise Companies have the highest numbers of agents leaving the business. This means that signing with a Franchise definitely does not guarantee you success. 

Making Money In Real Estate Sales 
Begins With the Commission Split 
Our Fort Wayne MLS reports there are approximately 6,000 homes sold per year, plus Realtors sell another 800 new homes for Builders per year. This does not include builders with their own in-house sales force. If all agents were created equal, 1,450 agents would sell 6,800 homes, which means each agent would sell approximately 5 homes per year. This means an average agent cannot survive long term accepting a 50/50 split, no matter what you are told by your Broker. 

David Augustyniak
Realty Flex

6315-C Mutual Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Office: 260-471-3539x101
Mobile: 260-438-8800
Fax: 260-471-4711
Email: classic_migration_tdAR158721@ihouseweb.com

We hire and train new agents and prepare them to become strong independent agents in this exciting real estate industry that we have all chosen to work in.


Thanks for all your help in making our "dream home" a reality. We really appreciated that you went the extra mile to get us the best price for our home. You are truly a professional. John and Rhonda Robinson
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